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The University of Bristol was established in 1876 and is an open research university which has been heavily funded by the Wills and Fry families. It began with just two professors and five lecturers providing courses in 15 different subjects. The university began its classes with just 99 students. It was the first UK university to accept female students. They got associated with the Bristol Medical School in 1893 and collaborated with the Merchant Venturers Technical College in 1909. This association resulted in them opening their well-known degree programs in the field of Engineering and Health Sciences.  

They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and have six faculties. These faculties include Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Law. Their campus has a music department and is known to be in close proximity to cafes, restaurants, department stores, and lots of other shops, providing students with all the necessities they need.  

Postgraduate Programs They Run 

The University of Bristol provides a wide range of postgraduate programs spanning subject areas such as finance, robotics, neuropsychology, biochemistry, languages, climate change, education, science, gender studies, and more. Some of their award classifications include Master of Science (MSc), Master of Art (MA), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Research (MRes), Master of Law (LLM), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) and more. You can browse all of their postgraduate courses here. Some offer flexible learning options such as part-time and online learning. 

Admissions Process 

If you are applying for a full-time degree course, you will need to make an application via the UCAS. You must include all qualifications you have already achieved and fill out all the application form entirely. It is also vital to ensure you are including the correct institution and course codes, you can find these on the University of Bristol website. If you are applying for direct entry courses, you can apply directly on the website. The same goes for part-time degree courses, applications for these should not be made through the UCAS.  

Postgraduate applicants should apply directly on the course page on the University of Bristol website via the online application portal. You can do this by clicking the apply now button. Ensure you fill out each section of the application and that you meet all the entry requirements. International applicants can make their application in the same way or apply with the help of one of the University’s representatives. Here you will find all the representatives and their contact details. After you have applied for your chosen course, the university will contact you regarding the status of your application. 


The University of Bristol residences offer 24-hour security and pastoral support. In addition, there are opportunities to get involved in their social calendar to meet new people. They have more than 6500 beds available to first-year undergraduate students. The residences are located throughout Bristol, in three residential villages. The accommodation room types vary from singles to singles with basins, en-suite single rooms, twin bedrooms, studios, and more. The prices also vary. You can apply for accommodation on the University of Bristol website.  

Scholarships and Financial Support 

The University of Bristol has numerous scholarships available to help students pay their tuition fees. They have invested £2 million in scholarships for 2022. Some of the undergraduate scholarships available include the Think Big undergraduate scholarships, Future Leaders scholarships for postgraduate students, and the GREAT scholarships for international students. You can find out more about the scholarships available, the entry criteria, and how to apply on the University of Bristol website.  

Contact Info 

For undergraduate enquiries, contact  

For postgraduate enquiries, contact 

For international enquiries, contact  

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