Postgraduate courses in Business Studies

Business is a great area to work in as there are so many job options to choose from! It opens many doors and your chances of employability are generally high.

Aside from that, it is full of interesting topics and allows you to focus on an area of interest if you are looking for a postgraduate course. Have a look and see if you’re interested! 

What is business studies?

Business studies is an academic subject that combines accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational studies and operations. Business studies looks at individuals, communities and organizations and involves assessing their problems and needs while also coming up with solutions. 


There are a massive amount of courses in business to choose from at a postgraduate level. We have a list of examples below but keep in mind this is just a few. There are so many to choose from. Some courses offer the opportunity to study part time or full time. Examples of courses include: 

International Business

Students who study a postgraduate course in international business will look at the macro and micro contexts of international business, integrate international business theory and develop skills necessary in international business practice. Students will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge and an understanding of the political, social and cultural aspects of trade blocs in the EU, USA and Asia. 

International business courses can be studied in a number of ways. Examples are: International Business and Intercultural Communication, International Business and Marketing Management, International Business and Supply Chain Management, International Business Management and Entrepreneurship, to name just a few. 

Construction Business and Leadership

These courses are quite unique as they combine business with construction. It enables students to enhance their skills and knowledge in construction as well as their management and leadership skills in order to have the ability to deliver both project and business objectives. It delves into a different side of business than we often see. 

Global Business Management

Courses in global business management focuses on global business operations, strategy development, marketing planning and global supply chain management. Main aims of these courses are to prepare future graduates to deal with the challenges of management within an international business environment. 

Entry requirements

Like most fields, the individual courses may have differing entry requirements. Some courses require a second class honours in business or a related discipline. Other courses may just require a 2.1 degree while in other courses, a 2.2 degree will suffice. A number of courses, if not most, will require you to take an english entrance exam if English is not your first language. 

You can find entry requirements for each course on the course overview online or on University websites. 

Areas you can work in

There are a number of fields you can work in with a postgraduate degree in business such as:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations 
  • Sales
  • Business management 
  • Accountancy
  • Finance

Salary Expectation

Salaries in a lot of jobs can increase and change with experience. There are so many jobs to choose from in the business sector. Salary figures are based on estimation. For example, the average salary of a marketing executive can start between £20,000-£30,000 and with experience, can rise to between £30,000-£45,000. Financial advisors may earn between £30,000-£45,000 annually. However, a lot of salaries may differ depending on the size of the firm you’re working with and also the location in which you are working. 

Skills and requirements 

Important skills to have as a retail manager include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Time efficient 
  • Work well with others
  • Work on own initiative
  • Confident in own ability
  • Strong customer service
  • Project planning and management skills
  • Problem solver
  • Organised
  • Leadership skills
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Self motivated 
  • Strong management skills (if working in a managerial role)

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