New Women’s Health course on offer in University of Aberdeen

There are many new courses on offer and ready to go in the coming months in UK Universities and the University of Aberdeen is no exception to that. 

A brand new online course is being introduced by the University and will focus on issues in women’s health. 

The course is named Women’s Health in a Global Setting and is a postgraduate course for those who wish to specialise in the area. 

The course is online only which makes it easy to access for students all around the world who wish to continue their studies at postgraduate level. 

It will investigate different areas of women’s health including inequalities in LGBTQ+ health, gender bias, women’s rights and the effects and repercussions of the COvid-19 pandemic on women in developing countries.

The course is 10 weeks long which Dr Alyaa Mostafa, Clinical Lecturer and Research Fellow at the university says will focus on society support, healthcare systems, different issues and barriers faced by women in their healthcare and also look at different factors including the economic factors and their repercussions. 

It is a jam-packed course that covers a diverse range of content that is brought to students by expert health researchers and clinical academics.

Dr Mostafa says the aim is to reach out to GP’s, nurses, midwives and others in the healthcare profession to provide the opportunity to explore many topics and issues and work towards better healthcare for women worldwide. 

To find out more about the course in the University of ABerdeen you can do so by clicking here.

To find out more about the University of Aberdeen, you can do so on their website to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Also launching online courses is Ireland’s University College Dublin who are launching two online courses from the Charles Institute of Dermatology area. They are launching courses in Biology of Human Skin and Biology of Human Hair Growth.   

To search for other postgraduate courses that might interest you, you can do so at

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