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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was established in 1898 and was the first institution in the world dedicated to teaching and research in the field of tropical medicine. They are a registered charity that works across the globe to fulfill their mission of lessening the burden of mortality and sickness in disease-endemic countries. They do this by delivering effective interventions that enhance human health. Their work in combating diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, dengue, malaria, and lymphatic filariasis is supported by a research order book of more than £210 million.

Their state-of-the-art facilities continue to create new vaccines, drugs, and pesticides that put them at the forefront of infectious disease research. As a teaching institution, they attract over 600 students from 68 different countries. They provide a range of Master’s, PhD research, and professional programs. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine works in partnership with universities, research institutions, and health ministries to train the next generation of health professionals, scientists, doctors, and researchers. The campus is based in Pembroke Place and is in close proximity to shops, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife which means students can have the ultimate experience.

Types of Postgraduate Programs They Run

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine provides numerous postgraduate programs. They cover topics such as public health, tropical pediatrics, tropical and infectious diseases, humanitarian studies, and more. Some of the award classifications their postgraduate level courses offer include Master of Science (MSc), Master of Research (MRes), and more. Some of these programs can be completed on a part-time basis also.

Admissions Process

If you want to apply for part-time or postgraduate courses or apply as an international student, you can apply directly through the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine website. To do this, simply find your course using their course finder and press the apply button. Ensure you meet all the relevant entry requirements before you apply. The school will get in touch in the coming weeks with all applicants to inform them as to whether they have been successful.


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine does not have its own dedicated student accommodation. However, they do recommend students use Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) which is a service owned and managed by them and their partner universities. This platform can help you find suitable housing in Liverpool while you complete your studies. Visit the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine website for more information.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has a number of scholarships available to help students pay their tuition fees. Some of these include the LSTM MSc Merit Scholarship, the Postgraduate Progression Discount, the LSTM Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship, the Chevening Distance Learning Scholarships, the Mamco Selab Scholarship, and more. For further information including the entry criteria and how to apply, visit the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine website.

Contact Info

For general enquiries, call +44(0)151 705 3100 or email

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