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Hull York Medical School is the joint medical school of the University of York and the University of Hull. It is home to world-leading research and one of the UK’s most innovative undergraduate medicine programs. They provide a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as CPD and short courses.

Hull York Medical School has excellent teaching staff and facilities. Hull York Medical School has two buildings – one based in the Allam Medical Building at the University of Hull, next to the Brynmor Jones Library. The other one is situated on Campus West at the University of York. Depending on which one you attend, you get to enjoy the facilities of that campus.

Types of Postgraduate Programs They Run

Hull York Medical School has numerous postgraduate-level courses to choose from. Their postgraduate programs cover subject matter such as clinical anatomy, education, pharmacology, drug development, physician associate studies, and more. Some of the award classifications their programs offer include Master of Science (MSc), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), and more. Their programs allow for full-time and part-time learning and some also allow for distance learning.

Admissions Process

You can apply for undergraduate at Hull York Medical School by submitting your application via the UCAS. To do this, visit the UCAS website and fill in your application. Be sure to include the institution and course codes, you can find these on the Hull York Medical School website. Once you have finished filling out your application, the admissions team will review it and contact you. To apply for a postgraduate-level degree program at Hull York Medical School, visit the relevant course page on the university’s website. Here you will see a button to apply. Once you click that, you will be redirected to fill out your online application. After you have submitted your application, the admissions team will review it and contact you.


Once you have received an offer on an MB BS program at Hull York Medical School, you will be secured accommodation on either the University of York or the University of Hull campus. The rent starts at £99 per week for a self-catered bedroom. Bathroom and shower facilities are shared in addition to kitchens and living spaces. Both of the universities have comfortable accommodation to suit everyone’s budget. Each has different facilities but promises excellent academic and social spaces. For more information, visit the Hull York Medical School website.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Hull York Medical School has a number of bursaries and scholarships available. Some of these include the Household Income Bursary which awards up to £2,400 per year for students with a household income of £25,000 or less. There are also progression bursaries that award up to £1,000 toward student tuition fees. For more information such as the entry criteria and how to apply, visit the Hull York Medical School website.

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