Postgraduate courses in Women’s Studies

Are you on the hunt for a course to add to your education and gain a Master’s degree in a gender related area?

Women’s Studies might be a good match for you. If you think you’d be interested then read on. 

What is Women’s Studies?

Women’s Studies focuses on a range of gender and feminist approaches to literature, art, history and culture from the middle ages to the current day. 


There are a few opportunities to study Women’s Studies across the UK at a postgraduate level. Courses will mostly take one year to complete at a full time level and two years to complete should you study at a part time level. 

A postgraduate course in women’s studies explores the challenges, developments and possibilities within women’s studies. Students will study the complex issues and debates in women’s studies and gain a critical understanding of the intersections between feminist thought and wider social and cultural debates. 

Feminist methodologies will equip you with the knowledge you will need to carry out research i this area. While content may differ from course to course, the majority of courses in Women’s Studies will study topics such as feminism, sexuality, gender and migration and look at women, citizenship and conflict. 

Entry requirements

Entry requirements can differ from course to course and from University to University. As this is a postgraduate course an undergraduate degree is required in order to apply. The majority of courses will require a 2.1 honours degree in a related field, however, some courses may require a minimum of a 2.2 honours degree. 

Job options 

Below are a few examples of job titles obtained through a degree in Women’s Studies

  • Artist
  • Journalist
  • Advocate for victims of domestic violence
  • Social Worker
  • Writer
  • Community development

Potential career areas

  • Academia
  • Journalism
  • Charity
  • Non governmental organisations

Salary expectation 

The salary expectation of a graduate of Women’s Studies is dependent on what role they take on following graduation. There are a wide range of different directions you can take so while there is no official title of Women’s Studies graduate, there is no exact figures that can be put on the job type. 

Skills and requirements 

  • Strong reading and writing skills
  • Good communication
  • Project development skills
  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal/Cross culture skills
  • Ability to understand data
  • An interest in literature

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