A rise in International Applications to UK Universities

UCAS have released figures that show an increase in the number of international students applying to study in universities in the UK. 

According to the figures released by UCAS, there has been a 9% increase in international applications in comparison to last year. 

Ahead of the 2021 entry to courses soon beginning, the number of international applicants is 37,310. This is up from 34,310 from 2020 and 33,360 from 2019. 

This is great news for UK universities who will be welcoming new international and national students in the coming weeks as normality resumes for the first time in the academic year since Covid-19 restrictions have been eased. 

International students will also be eligible to receive a free Covid-19 vaccination whilst studying in UK universities. 

Certain universities including Kingston University, UWE Bristol and the University of Stirling have also opened vaccination centres on the campus to try encourage students to get their vaccines and to provide the service conveniently. 

Almost all applicants of university degrees in the UK will need to apply for their course through UCAS. If you are looking to apply for a course for 2022, you can find relevant information on the UCAS website. 

At the moment, the UCAS Clearing is taking place until September so if you have applied for a course and have not yet received an offer, do not worry. There is still time!For more information about UCAS and to keep up to date on all news and developments, you can do so on the UCAS website by clicking here.

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