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The University of Salford was established in 1967 and is a leading public institution for higher education and research. It sits on a beautiful 160-acre campus which is situated along the banks of River Irwell. The campus is packed with green spaces, pathways, academic facilities, and more. The Clifford Whitworth Library is also on the campus and it holds tonnes of digital and printed resources for students and faculty.

This remains open 24/7. The campus also has England’s first free public library, the Salford Museum, and Art Gallery. The university also maintains a sports centre which has a swimming pool and runs Zumba classes, yoga sessions, and Pilates classes. The campus has state-of-the-art facilities including its numerous cafeterias, restaurants, gymnasium, and theatres. They have seven academic schools and run undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as distance learning programs.  

Postgraduate Programs They Run 

The University of Salford runs several postgraduate programs across many different disciplines. Some of the topics their postgraduate programs explore include cognitive behaviour therapy, dental implantology, social work, clinical practice, medicine, sports injury rehabilitation, nursing, and more. Their postgraduate programs can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis. Some of the award classifications their courses offer include Master of Science (MSc), Master of Art (MA), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), and more.  

Admissions Process 

Full-time undergraduate applicants should make their online applications via the UCAS. In order to apply, you need to be registered with the UCAS. International students studying full-time undergraduate courses can also apply this way. All you need to apply is the institution code and course code which you can find on the University of Salford website. You will also need the fee it costs to send your application. The only undergraduate applications that shouldn’t be made via UCAS are part-time courses and BSc nursing, midwifery, and football studies courses. If you are applying for any of these, you should apply directly using the application form on the university’s website. This is the same for postgraduate applicants. You can expect to hear back from the university in the weeks following.  


The University of Salford works with its own accommodation partner, Campus Living Villages. They manage their two accommodation villages: John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts and Peel Park Quarter. First-year students can live at either while postgraduates are limited to John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts. The Peel Park Quarter village overlooks the scenic Peel Park on their main campus, this means you can walk to lectures easily. You are also in close proximity to other campus facilities. For instance, the library, student store, Atmosphere bar, and café as well as the sports centre. In addition, numerous amenities are included in the accommodation. You have access to a gym, games room, cinema room, and social area. You will also have 24-hour security.  

The John Lester and Eddie Colman halls are the closest to the health buildings so they are an excellent choice if you are a nursing student. They are also nearby media facilities for those studying media programs. The halls are in close proximity to the campus in addition to local shops. They have numerous facilities available such as basketball courts, a gym, a common room, and a reading room. The accommodation has 24-hour security and parking facilities. Both facilities have Wi-Fi. The rooms have a bed and study area as well as storage, including a wardrobe. The bed sizes and rent prices vary depending on the type of room you book. You can book this accommodation easily on the University of Salford website.  

Scholarships and Financial Support 

The University of Salford does not offer a huge number of scholarships but it does offer some to international students. For example, the Salford International Excellence Award as well as other academic scholarships by program and the Global Gold and Silver Excellence Scholarships. You can find out more about the scholarships they offer as well as the entry requirements and how to apply on their website.  

Contact Info  

For general enquiries, call +44 (0)161 295 5000 

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