Postgraduate courses in Theology and Religious Studies

If you want to add to your career or take it in a different direction, a postgraduate course in Theology and Religious Studies might work for you. 

Have you a natural interest in world religions and learning about the beliefs and faith of others around the world? If so, you will find you feet in this field. 

Below you can find the basic information you’ll need to begin you research into a course like this one! 

What is the difference between Theology and Religious studies?

Theology is the study of God and religious beliefs. It looks at the human experience of beliefs through peoples’ expression of their faith. Theology is often more faith-based while religious studies is more analytical. Religious studies is an academic field devoted to studying religious beliefs, institutions and behaviour. 


There are quite a number of courses to choose from across the UK. 

A postgraduate course in Theology and Religious Studies will allow students to have a deep understanding of key issues such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Indian Religions. Students will focus on biblical studies, religious studies, theology and can specialize in particular areas of interest, for example, Hinduism and Buddhism. Courses can often be tailored to suit the students main interest such as studying a specific gender in religions. 

Students who take a course of this kind will gain a deep knowledge of how different religions and faiths all interact with each other through a period of great social change like the present day. 

Many courses also have the option of studying part time or full time. Detailed course overviews can be found on University websites. 

Entry Requirements 

The entry requirements for each course may differ. The majority of postgraduate courses require students to have an honours degree in an undergraduate course. 

Different courses will differ between needing a 2.1 degree while others only need a 2.2 degree. The specific requirements for each course can be found online. Not all courses look for an undergraduate in a related field so the opportunity to take your career in a different direction may be available. Applications can, in some cases, also be considered on an individual basis. 

Job options 

Courses in Religious Studies and Theology are mostly aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in education in either a teaching role or as part of a religious organisation. Some job options are:

  • Teacher
  • Religious Minister
  • Chaplain 
  • International Aid worker
  • Social Worker
  • Charity worker
  • Work within community organisations

Career development 

Postgraduate courses in Theology and Religious Studies sets a strong foundation for those who would like to progress with their education and complete a PhD in related fields. The skills gained throughout a course, such as religious literacy, will open up quite a few opportunities in the education sector and beyond. 

Skills and Requirements 

  • Open minded
  • Interest in other cultures, religions, beliefs 
  • Strong reader
  • Good written and verbal communication 
  • Strong research skills 
  • Ability to find and analyse information 
  • Critical thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Work well with others
  • Confidence in own ability

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