The University of Sussex offer cash prizes to fully vaccinated students

The University of Sussex has announced a new initiative to contribute to the UK’s vaccination rollout. 

The University announced in the last few days that it is now offering students a £5,000 cash prize to students who can prove they are fully vaccinated. 

The initiative will give students the opportunity to pick up the prize in a bid to help promote Coiv-19 vaccinations to entice students to get their vaccines and be protected. 

All domestic and international students of the University will be entered into a prize draw once they have proven their vaccination status and from there, 10 winners will be picked with all 10 receiving £5,000 each. 

The winners will be picked in about three months at random and all students are automatically added to the draw unless they state a desire to have no involvement. 

If you have an interest in becoming a student of The University of Sussex you can find out more about the university on their website. To do so, click here.

If you are looking for the right course for you, there is still time to do so be it a Sussex University or elsewhere. 

It is now almost a week since A-Level results have come out and if you have not yet received an offer or are feeling a little lost in the process, don’t worry. This is where the UCAS Clearing comes in.

UCAS Clearing is a process that helps UK Universities to fill available spots in their courses. These include filling vacancies on degrees that began in September, the start of the new academic year.

UCAS will give you the opportunity to organise a consultation with them and from there they will speak on your behalf and contact Universities for you. Following on from this, the University may give you an offer of a place in your desired course and you will have the opportunity to accept your offer. 

If you accept, you will put your choice in the UCAS Clearing system which can only be done one choice at a time. 

The process takes place from July and runs through until September. 

You are eligible to apply for the UCAS Clearing if you applied after the deadline that was on June 30th, you did not get the required exam results for your course, none of your offers were received or you did not make any offers to begin with. 

For more information about UCAS Clearing, you can find more information here

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