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St Helens College has been providing high-quality education since 1896 and is one of the biggest further and higher education providers in the Northwest. They support students studying at all levels and at all ages and provide training and programs to approximately 10,000 students on their four campuses. St Helens College offers programs for school leavers, adults, and employers at a range of levels. Their campus has state-of-the-art facilities as a result of investing more than £65 million into it. Some of these facilities include its nursery, libraries, print room, colours restaurant, flower studio, automotive hub, and more.

Types of Programs They Run

St Helens College provides several different programs such as courses for school leavers, adult programs, professional courses for employers, and much more. Their programs cover topics such as tourism, fitness, performing arts, leadership, music, photography, science, health, hairdressing, graphic design, games, English, fine art, engineering, media, criminal justice, IT, counselling, hospitality, animal management, accounting and more. Some of their programs can be completed on a part-time basis also which allows you to work around your chosen course.

Admissions Process

You can apply for most of the courses at St Helens College by visiting their website. Simply navigate to the webpage of your chosen course and scroll down to click the apply button. This will automatically redirect you to an online application form to fill out. Once you have filled out your application in its entirety, the admissions team will review it and contact you with their decision. This can take a few weeks.


Since the University Centre St Helens is situated in the centre of the Northwest of England, there are a host of accommodation options for students in St Helens. This student housing is provided by the Student Housing Company so be sure to visit their website for further information.

Scholarships and Financial Support

St Helens College has a range of financial supports; however, these change regularly so it is best to contact the college directly for the most up-to-date list of bursaries available. They will also be able to advise you based on your own situation.

Contact Info

For general enquiries, call 01744 733766

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