Postgraduate courses in Interior Design

Are you full of creativity and wanting to improve your interior design skills? Have you an eye for the aesthetically pleasing interior and think you can use space to its full potential?

If so, it sounds like interior design could be the right thing for you to explore and showcase your creativity. 

Why not look further into it and see if it would suit you? We’ve got the main information below. 

What is Interior design?

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building, house or room. The aim is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. 

What does an Interior designer do?

Interior designers are the masterminds behind the projects in question. They research, plan, co-ordinate, and manage the project at hand in order to achieve the intended result. 


There are quite a number of postgraduate courses to choose from in Interior Design. Below are examples of courses that might interest you. Generally, students will build up a strong portfolio of projects and designs created throughout their course. 

Interior Design 

With a lot of postgraduate Interior Design courses it is possible to tailor courses to suit the individual studying. Students will have the opportunity to experiment and develop innovative approaches to contemporary interior design.There is also a focus on the changing demographics and the emergence of new technologies which all shift the way in which space is used. 

Interior Architecture Design 

Another option for this field is a postgraduate course in Interior Architecture Design. These courses are aimed at interior and spatial designers, architects and design professionals. A course like this will allow students to explore a number of issues they could face in their future careers such as the psychology of space and use of materials and scale and form of spaces. Courses also cover research skills, entrepreneurship and professional practice. 

Entry Requirements

With each course comes the possibility of different entry requirements. For the most part, postgraduate courses in Interior Design require the candidate to have an undergraduate degree in Interior Design or a related field such as Architecture. Some courses require a 2.2 degree while others may require a 2.1 degree. Specific requirements can be found on course overviews or specific University websites. 

Your career

Upon graduating from an interior design course, you will have developed both advanced design skills and gained the experience to develop your creative design methods and processes. You will be ready to take on the world as an interior designer in a range of industries related to design. For example, retail design, stage set design and exhibition design. There are a broad range of options and routes you can take. 

Interior design is a degree that can be taken all around the world. It is a great degree for those who have an interest in both interior design and travelling as work and trips can range from close to home all the way to cities across the world such as New York and Berlin, where interior design is a big part of the city life. 

Skills and requirements 

  • Creative
  • Hard working
  • Self motivated
  • Work well under pressure
  • Effective communication skills
  • Work well in teams 
  • Good initiative
  • Work well on your own
  • Adaptability and stamina
  • Problem solver
  • Pay attention to detail 
  • Organised 
  • Artistic ability – eg. sketching 

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