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There are more ways to obtain your MBA degree than on a full-time basis, which can take 1 or 2 years to complete. There are other ways that are potentially more flexible and cater to all needs of a student. Due to the rise in technology and the internet, recent years have seen most universities offer an online/distance learning programme of the MBA to students. It is important that students carefully compare and contrast between a traditional and online MBA in order to pick the method of study that caters to their individual needs. Depending on your situation, an online degree might even be more beneficial to you long-term. Here we take a look at Online MBA courses

Benefits of Studying online MBA courses

Flexibility: Students can choose between taking their course exclusively online or they also have the option of completing a campus-based residency or an international field study residency. If you need to care for a family member or need to continue working full-time, an online MBA could be the ideal solution for your intricate life. 

Technology Aspect: All programmes are also equipped with highly sophisticated business technology. This is ideal for students as it will immerse you in its language as technological fluency is essential for the success of a business in the current world we live in. 

Diversity: Pursuing an online degree could also be ideal for students keen to learn from a variety of other perspectives. Connecting with students of different aspects, career aspects and nationalities can make you consider new ideas or even reconsider old ones. Most of the students attending or studying these courses online or in-person are usually international students, which provides a great opportunity to meet students from diverse backgrounds.

Equal Accreditation: If the university offering the MBA programme has a good reputation and is properly accredited, online MBAs from that same university are equally accepted by employers as traditional MBA degrees. Organisations such as the AMBA and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) have accredited many high-quality MBA online programmes between them. If a degree programme is highly regarded, it will be valued by potential hiring companies. Many employers understand the value of an online course as they know that a graduate from this course is strongly motivated with strong time management and computer skills. Employees who are interested in upgrading their IT skills and advancing their career should even check their HR department as many companies will be willing to reimburse the online programmes for their employees. 

How do you study for an MBA programme online?

Using video as an investigational device for MBA programmes online is very common. Average modules may include at most 20 short recordings. There are also regular webinars included either as live events for members or even accessible as web recordings. Students will likewise access online diary databases and resources. Similarly, Open University students are aiming for an MBA to access the OU’s thorough iTunes U library.

Every student who studies online can still hope to be designated an individual tutor. Support is accessible through telephone, email along with calls on Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Course content for an online MBA programme:

The course content for UK universities will provide you with the financial, strategic and interpersonal skills necessary for you to progress and perform effectively as senior levels. Many UK universities will combine management theory with real business application. You will be able to apply new knowledge and skills in your workplace. You will develop a foundation of knowledge in core modules and focus on your studies as well as focussing your studies around a particular sector or discipline in elective modules. 

You will be able to explore forward-thinking approaches to business alongside your international peers. You will be fully supported by tutors and a dedicated course coordinator. 

MBAs at most UK universities take around 30 months to complete and this is the usual format. During the first year the programme’s focus will be on core module content. In your second year you will be able to build upon theories and practices by choosing from a selection of elective modules (eg. Critical Integration in Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation). This, along with your dissertation in the final 6 months, will allow you to tailor and align your studies with your interests and career objectives.  Please consult the website of the university you are applying to for details. 

You will also be asked to complete a range of coursework-based assignments, including written reports, essays and group presentations.   

Prices and fees of an online MBA program

Students get an added benefit because of the potential for lowered expenses online on their MBA tuition costs. They do tend to be lower than physically studying an MBA on a full-time basis. Please consult the website of the university you are applying to or contact their guidance counsellors. Their email is located on these websites and they will arrange an appointment to meet you to discuss any queries you may have.

When it comes to picking a full-time MBA course, my advice was do not let the potential high costs discourage you from applying as there are several supports available to help you – bursaries and scholarships as well as employer support. It is also important to not just apply for an online MBA course because it suits you financially. Make sure that it is the right course for you. For example, if you have to care for a family member at home or if you are already employed somewhere and want to keep working while you do this course. provides information about postgraduate courses and study in the UK. We list thousands of postgraduate courses from universities and colleges in the UK so you can search for the course of your choice.

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