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Manchester College is the largest education college in the UK and is shaping amazing futures for its students. Their focus is on careers and a work-ready Greater Manchester and they are creating several great opportunities in the city for their students while simultaneously leading the way in education. Their journey started nearly 200 years ago with their history tracing all the way back to the beginning of Sunday school education and the foundation of St. John’s Sunday School in Manchester. They have been progressive innovators and thinkers in education ever since and by 1921, Byron Street was one of the initial day continuation schools within England, taking up residency in the old school premises at St. John’s Parish. By 1950, they were pioneering the way in technical education, with hundreds of young post office workers and civil servants attending St John’s and Openshaw Technical College opening its doors for the first time. In order to meet the ever-changing demands of the educational community, Openshaw and St. John’s were eventually merged to form The Central College Manchester. This was later known as The Manchester College of Arts before it came to be known as Manchester College.

Types of Programs They Run

Manchester College provides a wide range of programs from 16-18 programs, 19+ courses, level 1 programs, diploma courses, apprenticeships, degree-level courses, and much more. They cover numerous different topics including education, accounting, software, air conditioning, cabin crew, psychology, science, design, animal care, baking, aviation, disabilities, barbering, and more. Some of these programs facilitate part-time learning also.

Admissions Process

To apply for most programs at Manchester College, all you need to do is visit the website. Simply navigate to your chosen program and scroll down to click the apply button. Once you have clicked this button, you will be redirected to an online application form to fill out. After you have fully completed your application form, you must submit it for review by the admissions team. They will revert back to you in the weeks following to let you know if you have been successful. This can take a few weeks. For degree-level programs, you will have to apply via the UCAS website. To do this, visit the website and begin filling in your application. Remember to include the correct institution and course codes on your application also. Once you have submitted your application, the admissions team will review it in the weeks following and contact you with their final decision.


Manchester College does not have its own student accommodation. However, given their partnership with Manchester Student Homes, the team can advise you on suitable student housing in close proximity to the college.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Manchester College has several scholarship programs students can avail of. These mainly centre around sport and physical activity, however, there are a number of others for specific non-athletic courses. For further details including how to apply and the entry requirements, visit the Manchester College website.

Contact Info

For general enquiries, call 03333 222 444 or email

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