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King’s College London was founded within the tradition of the Church of England by the Duke of Wellington and King George IV, whom granted their royal charter in 1829. Kings has a history of supporting and encouraging those who aspire to solve the world’s most pressing issues. They have a distinguished international reputation in law, science, humanities, dentistry, medicine, psychiatry and the social sciences. They are an internationally renowned university that delivers world-leading research and high-quality education. They are committed to driving sustainable and positive change and inspiring their students to use their studies to make the world a better place. Their four Thames-side campuses in central London and at Denmark Hill enable them to be at the centre of leading conversations in law, culture, business, policy, government and medicine.  

Postgraduate Programs They Run 

King’s College London have a wide range of postgraduate courses for you to choose from. Some of the areas taught include medicine, psychology, dentistry, humanities, business and more. You can browse all of their postgraduate courses here. Their courses can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, in person or online. Some of the types of accreditations their courses offer include Master of Science (MSc), Master of Art (MA), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) and more.  

Admissions Process 

All full-time undergraduate students must make an application via UCAS. Once the application has been submitted, the university will get in touch with you in the coming weeks to inform you whether they would like to offer you a place. Part-time students and postgraduate students can apply on the King’s College London website.  


More than 6,000 students stay in King’s College London’s halls of residence each year. They have a plethora of residencies, all close by to the college. From rooms in Vauxhall to Southwark, Vine Street and Weston Street, you are covered. The residences vary in terms of what they offer, however, you can expect 24/7 reception, laundry room, Wi-Fi, study areas, secure access, and a bed. Some additional things that may be included are outdoor social spaces, common room, vending machines, disability access, CCTV, music room and microwave and oven. Just as the vacancies vary so do the prices with some costing £335 per week while others are £275. You can apply for accommodation on the King’s College London website.  

Scholarships and Financial Support 

King’s College London has some scholarship and funding opportunities for undergraduates. These include the Amos Bursary which is £1000 per year toward course fees, the Doo Scholarship which awards £3000 to help pay for course fees and the Care Experienced and Estranged Bursary which awards up to £1000 per year. There are a number of others that you can view on their website to see if you would be eligible. 

Contact Info 

For general enquiries, call +44(0)20 7836 5454 

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